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Find your Direction in the Chaos

Navigating illusions this July

By Radhika Chopra


This month is a month of illusions of sorts. Things may look promising, yet may not lead one in the direction one seeks. It is a period of intense behind-the-scenes events for many.

July may seem like a busy time as many people will be in an active state of mind.

With so many things going on and perhaps also conflicting in nature, it can leave one confused.

The prominent theme during this time is ‘directionless activity’


July also indicates interesting liaisons as well as conflicts. This may be at the personal and/or global front. Some political upheavals can take place in the world.

Hasty and premature conduct will create problems, isolation and difficulties. Personally, it can cause strain in relationships.

Stay away from conflicts and arguments.


Make major investments with proper study and consultation. Things may look attractive, promising or enticing, yet a conservative approach will be helpful.


People may tend to peruse things that bring immediate gratification and pleasure thereby making hasty decisions. Caution is advised. All actions should be carefully contemplated, advice should be paid heed to too.

Travel only if necessary.

Balancing yourself

There seems to be wastefulness present in this month so resources should be conserved.

Equanimity is called for which requires control over our impulses.

Good time to spend time in nature, solitude or silence for at least twenty minutes daily, which will give you a sense of centre and clarity. The use of essential oils like sweet basil oil will clear brain fog, lift confusion and calm the nerves.

Remember that while not all things exciting will result in happiness, July maybe a month of hope and despair hand in hand.


Radhika Chopra is a Transformation coach with over two decades of experience. She is a blueprint numerologist, quantum coach, spiritual mentor and an expert in Astro tarot numerology, movement feedback and breathwork and art therapy.

She has authored a book based on a real-life experience. She has mentored people over the years and conducted workshops on the subjects of her expertise such as blueprint numerology as well as art therapy. She has also conducted corporate workshops and worked with individuals, children and schools. Her sessions are tailor-made for each individual and combine different approaches that include integrating the mental, emotional, physical and levels of consciousness to reach equilibrium and harmony.

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