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Worried about the future but hoping for a fresh start? Make the right choices

Through the looking glass | A guide to staying balanced this June 2021

By Radhika Chopra


The past year has been tumultuous for society at large. However, we entered 2021 with new hope and promise, that seemed to reflect in the improved situation at the beginning of the year. Things quickly took an unexpected turn though in March with the second coronavirus wave and subsequent lockdowns. In the month of June, we are again seeing some signs of relief compared to the situation a few months ago. It is but natural to feel anxious yet have some cautious hope for the future.

I have put together a monthly series of the general energy we may experience in some areas of life. As you read through it, please keep in mind that everyone will go through their own personal experience within the collective experience.

“June is a month that can feel like a two-pronged fork”

A general sense of confusion as to what direction to take will prevail. One may feel internal pressures resulting in anxiety. It is not a month to take any big decisions or make radical changes, especially if one is energetically confused.

Many will feel a sense of lack or constraint. Lend money with caution and read documents carefully. It is a time to take stock of what you spend and what you earn. Where you expend yourself and where you need to restore flow. Discretion will be required. It will be a month of adjustments in the financial sector, a time of compromise and sometimes status quo.

Travel only if necessary. With regard to health, those with bone related issues, are likely to experience an incline in the same.

‘Some relationships will need to be adjusted’.

The amount you give and take in your relationship will call for balance. Adjustment, compromise and getting the necessary counsel if you are going through any difficulty, should be the first approach before any big decisions are taken.

It is time to tide over the difficulties with poise, calm and patience. Do not engage in arguments on any front as emotions will be volatile globally. A combative environment may be brewing.

Pastels and off-white are great colors to calm yourself and feel grounded. Avoid black and red.

Massaging your body with warm sesame oil can be healing, grounding and nourishing at all levels. Musical singing bowls will help calm frayed nerves this month.

We are at the half way mark of this year and two months into the Hindu New Year. So, keep your center, and envision a world you want to see.


Radhika Chopra is a Transformation coach with over two decades of experience. She is a blue print numerologist, quantum coach, spiritual mentor and an expert in Astro tarot numerology, movement feedback and breath work and art therapy.

She has authored a book based on a real-life experience. She has mentored people over the years and conducted workshops on her subjects of her expertise such as blue print numerology as well as art therapy. She has also conducted corporate workshops and worked with individuals, children and schools. Her sessions are tailor made for each individual and combine different approaches that include integrating the mental, emotional, physical and levels of consciousness to reach equilibrium and harmony.

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