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August Forecast

What anticipates you this August By Radhika Chopra


Personal decisions:

This month will present many great opportunities. It will be a month to make changes, change direction if one has been sitting over it. Some may have the experience of ending a phase and beginning a new one.

Global events:

Globally some interesting weather phenomena we have been hearing about may continue. However, in other areas, there is going to be a new beginning. This can be related to the economic situation. We are probably at the brink of gauging the aftermath of the pandemic and trying to find a way ahead to build our lives back.

However, all things shiny are not gold. So, do go ahead with some caution and not by the impulses of the moment.

How to find your direction:

Towards the end of August, we may experience some setbacks and reversals. We must, therefore, exercise discretion, caution and a conservative approach, especially post 15th August. We often speak of the inner radar to navigate ourselves in the best way we can through life. It calls for a sound mind and body to bring centeredness within oneself before moving through the day.

A simple everyday exercise:

I share a simple and powerful exercise that involves tapping one's feet and calves every morning before getting out of bed. This will start strengthening the body and also help make decisions without emotional sway. Make sure you tap under the soles of the feet as though you are waking up the lower part of the body.

August is a month to pave a new way with clarity, steady perseverance and faith.


Radhika Chopra is a Transformation Coach with over two decades of experience. She is a blueprint numerologist, quantum coach, spiritual mentor and an expert in Astro tarot numerology, movement feedback and breathwork and art therapy.

She has authored a book based on a real-life experience. She has mentored people over the years and conducted workshops on the subjects of her expertise such as blueprint numerology as well as art therapy. She has also conducted corporate workshops and worked with individuals, children and schools. Her sessions are tailor-made for each individual and combine different approaches that include integrating the mental, emotional, physical and levels of consciousness to reach equilibrium and harmony.

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