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The one place for everything Powai. Be it a story, a feature, an initiative or idea, we cover it all. We are authentic, credible and accessible as Powai's most viewed digital platform. 


But most of all, we love Powai and what it stands for. 

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Since 2015

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We connect people, stories and businesses.

Powai is special and is a world in its own. The people of Powai are connected to the world and also each other. They are well travelled, well educated and well intentioned. This is our effort at bringing Powai Together.

We Build Community 

By creating hyperlocal content and supporting causes like the Solar Panel, Social Initiatives, and most large and medium scale events in Powai, we make sure we keep it together.

We Encourage Conversation

To stay connected and to remain effective, it is important to keep the dialogue on. We strive to keep Powai connected and Powaiites reach out to us or we do our bit to make sure this circle completes itself very now and then.

We Connect Brands to People

Business and Entrepreneurship are the very essence of life in this day and age and Powai is a hub of entrepreneurs and also an active demographic which is perfectly suited to explore tastes and lifestyle choices. We help brands explore this.

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Because we are a community, credible influencer, a branding agency and consumer - all rolled into one.

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F&B / Lifestyle Features

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Business Features

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Restaurant Features

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Event Campaigns

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